2 Ways to Delight and Expand B2B Revenue with CX

The B2B Saas Companies that double down on CX will win big by sacrificing short term revenue for long-term growth.

Here’s 2 Ways to Delight and Expand B2B Revenue with CX

Want to delight your clients and customers without breaking the bank or adding to your tech stack?

Ready? Lets get it.

1. Delight clients at scale by segmenting them into buckets of similar needs, desired outcomes, and experiences

The accuracy of ‘Personalization at Scale’ isn’t quite there yet.

Meaning, you cannot expect a tool in your sales and customer success stack to do the leg work AND deliver a unique personalized email sequence to your customers and prospects.

In fact, the human element of business is a differentiator too often overlooked in the B2B sales and success world.

Consider this:

Instead of using an automated drip campaign tool for the traditional customer segmentation like product type, company size, or dollar spend, have your reps and CSM’s create personalized and engaging content to send to their clients themselves.

Why not use an automated outreach tool?

  • Technology Buyers are more experienced in purchasing SaaS products, now than ever before.
  • For example, seasoned tech buyers can even tell when, or if, you’re using a mass produced email template or auto-sending email tool.

Delighting your clients can be accomplished through personalized, authentic and engaging communication. We’re all capable of being thoughtful. The world is watching and waiting for B2B’s to step up and deliver.

Remember: Strong and consistent customer experiences (CX) keep your brand fresh, embolden trust across the partnership and is considered a key driver behind having ‘customers for life’ and maxing out LTV metrics. (Customer Lifetime Value)

A few free ways to delight your customers:

  • Use vidyard or loom to send a video recaps of your latest conversations
  • Have your CEO call them personally to thank them for their business
  • Help your champion achieve a career goal or get a promotion using the value achieved from your product/service
  • Don’t ask for their time without offering up value first — even with existing customers!

2. Plant the seeds for upselling and expansion early in lifecycle

Painting the picture for your customers, early (and often) around what success looks like using your product.

Do this for the first 90 days, the first year, et al. and be very keen to share the path that other clients have had success with in growing their businesses after year one.

Think about this…

  • By understanding the needs and outcomes your client wants to achieve up front, you can map their respective paths of expansion based on your companies unique solution suite and service offerings.
  • Even better — weave this in with an analysis of user behavior and usage trends by understanding similarities between customers from similar sectors, verticals, and/or with similar subscriptions, experiences, or support levels.

Thinking ahead shows your client you are invested in their success, not just yours.

Do this consistently and proactively and the upsell and cross-sell conversations will become MUCH easier to have, propose and even close.

Ask yourself…

What, when and why did other clients expand their product use and overall spend?

What milestones or trigger event(s) lead customers to buy and add-on new products and services to support their unique path to ‘an improved future state of being’

In summary:

Buyers are humans. Your customers are too. They now have more options than ever and at the end of the day, we all want the same things…

To be treated fairly, not get burned, and all while being delighted by those companies we trust to deliver their product at the promised value and with a clear ROI in a timely manner.

And…without jumping through hoops…

Can you dig it?

Let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email at aaron@theb2breport.com.


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