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We believe in simple. That’s why what we offer will always be 100% free.

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Why we do an Email List

If you’ve experienced any degree of success in your tech career, you’re probably familiar with the fierce level of competition in the space. That was us: competing, winning, taking. After a decade of selfish and complex learning we wanted to give back. We realized we still ended up paying for resources to keep an EDGE over competitors, over colleagues, or even to secure that next promotion. We knew creating easy access routes to REAL sales, marketing, and leadership tools could be made simple. That’s why we started The B2B Report. Through this community of like minded professionals, you now have access to expert built, and completely free, business resources — the same ones that we use. Join the list to start enjoying our resource packed newsletter, currently titled Subscribe’N’Scale. We strive to share tools and insights of immense professional value.

IMPORTANT: We do not send marketing or email spam and we do not share data.

The B2B Report’s Content Promise: If you feel like you’ve been sent an email or resource that does not add value to your career, we will: 1) build or find a resource that serves your needs and brings that immediate value, or 2) we’ll send you a free Top Rated Business Book covering your expertise, vertical or niche. for free. Sign up here, to join B2B’s no spam subscriber list, or reach out to us directly at

What will I get if I subscribe to The B2B Report Email List?

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What are these “B2B Resources”?

You’ll have to see for yourself. Our resources and resource library is strictly CONFIDENTIAL to the community.

You won’t be disappointed because a) they’re free b) The B2B Content Promise and c) our library includes content spanning: VC pitch decks, project management templates, content marketing templates, social selling frameworks, SaaS pricing guides, customer lifecycle management process maps, net new sales models, renewal sales models, quota calculators, sales and marketing scripts and email templates, pre-built Office365 tools and reports from market leaders.

We take care of our community and we exist purely to serve the professionals that make the B2B SaaS space so special to work in.

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