Why B2B’s should run a B2C playbook

B2C’s are setting the bar high incredible high when it comes to the Customer Experience (CX). Will B2B’s ever catch up?

Are B2C brands running a clinic on their B2B contemporaries?

When it comes to Customer Experience (CX), the answer is *yes*. But is the B2B world paying attention?

In case you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown:

Today’s B2C companies crush CX for their customers far and wide — think NetflixEverlaneAllbirdsmahabis, Away, et al.

So, what do these B2C brands have in common?

They all have a dependable, consistent and STRONG CX motion that differentiates them in a meaningful way from their competitors.

And that’s the reason you often see many more cult-like followings tied to B2C brands vs B2B’s.

More impressive even, having killer CX, in some cases, has led to B2C companies reaching the coveted ‘cultural phenom’ status. 

Just think of the magnitude “Netflix and chill” has had on societal norms today. Crazy!

The Takeaway for B2B Leaders

B2C’s are setting the bar high incredible high when it comes to delivering delightful Customer Experiences (CX) with innovative and frictionless ways to renew and spend more to get more value.

To make it tougher for B2B’s, many B2C’s are doing this without sending annoying spray and pray email campaigns…

…or without spewing the all-to-common feature/benefit ‘pitch’ many tech companies have sales folks doing these days.

The Truth about Scaling in B2B

The more business pains you can solve with your products, services, and people — with the least amount of friction to value and desired outcome(s) — the stronger positioned you are to build a sticky brand, following and customer base.

B2B’s have an incredible opportunity to create similar and comparable experiences for their existing customers.

The question is will you take advantage of the opportunity to brand your business as a customer-centric, forward-thinking company?

One that values the clients they have already, INSTEAD of always obessing over ‘hunting’ for new ones?

Experience Matters.

The choice is yours.

Adapt or Die. #churnhurts

The key to long-term success in SaaS is Mastering CX.

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