B2B SaaS Terms Explained

The B2B Report: B2B SaaS Terms and Definitions

To ensure full comprehension of the content written and shared on The B2B Report, we created this glossary for your reference and use.
We will continue to add definitions and terms to this page as new content is released. For the best glossary of Sales & Technology terms check out our all-time favorite index by Sales Hacker.

B2B: stands for ‘Business-to-Business’. B2B is a common acronym used to define how a company sells their product. A B2B company means you sell your product to other Businesses, not directly to the consumer (B2C) 

B2C: stands for ‘Business-to-Consumer’. A B2C company sells their product directly to the consumer, not to other businesses. 

GTM: stands for ‘Go-To-Market’. The acronym is often used to describe how a company executes the process of designing a product and successfully bringing that product to market. Includes resource allocation and plans for doing so. Most GTM’s include marketing, sales, and customer success initiatives and best practices.

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