The pain revenue churn has caused B2B SaaS Companies around the world is undeniable.

Yet, we continue to see executives and leaders that still don’t *get* the nuances that come with operating a B2B business in today’s subscription economy.

Churn hurts…

Consider this recent stat from Zoura–putting to bed the argument on believing that “what has worked before will continue to work in the future”.

It’s the same argument that fuels funnel vision.

more than half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list in the year 2000 have vanished.

Enter The B2B Report

I started The B2B Report in March 2018 as a way to advocate and evangelize for a better way to manage recurring revenue and the customer experience in the B2B technology space.

That’s what you’ll find in this blog.

A new way of thinking that challenges conventional wisdom in business and proposes a shift to how we approach sales and customer success — one that is fundamentally rooted around the most overlooked indicator of future success: THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX).


Hello there – I’m Aaron Cowell and I got my start in B2B Sales and Customer Success in 2010.

Since then, I’ve led worldwide Sales and Customer Success teams for both small and mid-sized Start-Up’s as well as for blue-chip Enterprise behemoths (such as SAP, FICO, Zebra and many more). All with immense success, passion and personal and professional growth.

With over $1.2 Billion in paid subscription-based revenue and over 50k SaaS deals closed to date for clients, I’m excited to extend the expertise I’ve established working in trenches of the digital gold rush.

Leader and lifelong student of the universe — mostly in business, technology, culture, sustainability, fatherhood and servitude.

Who I serve

I serve companies, leaders and professionals aiming to reduce churn without outsourcing sales or customer success or buying expensive technology.

For Churn Management Consulting, Renewals Sales and/or Advisory Engagements

Contact Aaron via email at aaron@theb2breport.com, or aaron@churnsafe.com.


The B2B Report

Instagram / Twitter: @churnhurts

Instagram / Twitter: @theb2breport

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