Real Talk on B2B CX

The Truth about B2B CX?

Most B2Bs suck at Customer Experience (CX).

A simple truth: The more pains your b2b company solves for clients— with the least amount of friction to value and desired outcome(s)— the stronger their position will be to build a loyal brand following and recurring revenue base over-time.

In some cases, (some)…B2B companies are able set conventional wisdom aside for macro gains.

That’s why B2B leaders with an ability to practice delayed gratification are in an interesting position.

You could choose to invest in CX solutions now, and get ahead of their cohort and competitors. Keep their customers and grow revenue at healthy clip.

You could compound the impact of a strong CX investment by baking product-led and customer-led growth strategies into your business.

Takeaway: B2B Saas Companies that double down on CX will win big by sacrificing short term revenue for long-term growth.

This means less focus on customer acquisition and more on adding retention and expansion based revenue initiatives.

As I’ve said before, in B2B, it’s all easier said than done.

So to help drive the point home, I’ve included a few mind-blowing stats from Esteban Kolsky, the founder of thinkJar — a customer strategy think tank.

  • It’s 6-7X more expensive for companies to attract new customers than to keep them.
  • 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience.
  • Only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain. The rest churn.
  • 67% of consumers site bad experiences as the reason for churn.
  • 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience.


So why aren’t B2B Brands giving the people what they want?

Simply put…

Customer acquisition takes a front seat to serving existing customers in the B2B SaaS world. Reasons why will be addressed here in the future.

All said, it’s quite evident your End-Users are being STARVED of the high- quality customer experiences they crave from B2B Companies.

And when companies can’t get out of their own way, it’s called ‘Funnel Vision’.

Experience Matters!

For B2B executives or leaders that don’t want healthy revenue growth

For scaling with customer centricity: What if scaling could come *without* huge risk of hurting customer churn, slowing net-new deals, or damaging brand reputation?

Customer Churn Never Sleeps in B2B SaaS.

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Author: Aaron Cowell

I love helping B2B SaaS companies grow and scale for long-term sustainability. I believe: • How you scale matters. • Long-term and sustainable growth happens through mastery of customer experience. • SaaS companies are feeling the pressure to grow by any means necessary. • When B2B's are too focused on winning net-new business, it's to the detriment of their paying customers, loyal employees, and future prospects. My background / experience: • Closed over ~$1.25B in paid subscription revenue for B2B SaaS clients since 2010 (50,000+ deals and counting) • 9 years experience, in B2B Sales, SaaS Customer Success, Account Management, Biz Ops and Go-To-Market Strategy • Servitude: Over a decade in servant and global organizational leadership

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