How to Get Promoted in a Tech Fueled World

The key to your next promotion starts with understanding how to serve in b2b.

B2B SaaS Leaders champion innovation today
Tech leaders today champion change for tomorrow’s world.

The Rise of New Leadership in Tech

In the tech community exists a rarely curated cohort of highly skilled executives and leaders.  Impressive on paper and impressive in person. They are unique for many reasons. And the key to your next promotion is understanding how to serve them.

Tech leaders are unique because of the expertise they bring to the table. In the software world, depending on your ‘niche’, companies are hiring talent with the right expertise to help them compete in that market.

It’s these executives teams driving how companies innovate, compete and win in business today. 

In B2B SaaS:

  • Leadership teams are designed with an individual leader’s core strengths in mind.
  • That’s why you’ll find many B2B’s with a hyper-focused org structure specifically designed to compete and to win at scale.
  • Leadership roles have changed slightly and will continue to change more over the next decade.

Think Customer Success…an entire career choice for professionals that didn’t exist until 1996, and finally took off 20+ years later. 

The rise in competition and shifts away from traditional business roles are the result of a growing trend we’ve all been a part of in some way or another: the subscription economy. 

How Serving Others Changes the Game

A few years back, I realized subscription-based product offerings would change how technology is bought, sold and consumed. 

Shortly after that realization, I found myself feeling lost at times in my career.  After witnessing how often things change in the fast-paced tech world, I grew increasingly concerned about one key area of my career:

Does anyone in leadership care about the next generation of leaders? 

With all the curveballs the world of sales, marketing, and customer success have been thrown if anything was now certain, it was uncertainty.

I kept asking myself:

How will I learn and grow from the highly skilled leaders at my company, if they themselves are still figuring out how to win in business and their own careers?

By design, tech leaders are focused on winning more deals, more revenue, and more brand recognition. More funding. Scaling and growth at all costs.  

Herein lies the problem…

Winning in SaaS is defined differently by different companies and different leaders and at different stages of company growth.

To add complexity, consider the importance of having a leadership team with niche expertise in a similar industry, product verticals, funding round, total market opportunity, et al.

This is not an easy task…think about all the news you’ve seen about talent poaching in tech. Most of you reading this have a non-compete in place right now, that you signed with your employer, barring you from bailing to join a competitor. 

Not to mention everyone has a different personality and preferred working and communication style.

It’s not easy to navigate the politics of growing B2B SaaS companies. That’s for sure.

How Leaders Define ‘Winning’ is Different

How Leaders define ‘winning’ is different than how employees do. Get used to it. This won’t change.

  • What will change is how you engage with leaders at your company to learn from, guide, and grow in your career.
  • Properly leveraged leaders are an untapped goldmine of career-changing insights and experiences. 

Pro Tip: Figure out how your professional growth and development helps your boss get something he or she wants from their career, day-to-day or position at the company. Only the top 1% of employees do this and the ones that do enjoy the fruits that come with it. 

The Fast Track to Advancement Starts at Servitude

Ask yourself:

  • How does getting promoted to the role I want serve my boss?
  • In what positive ways will my new role impact their job, day-to-day, overall performance, and reputation? 

That’s the hack:

  1. Figure out how your career and new role will serve your boss and their needs, wants, and desires
  2. Then establish a game plan with them to achieve it.

Want to you know if your boss is going to be a good fit for you and your career long-term? 

Check out the 5 traits of Servant Leaders here: Closing the Knowledge Gap in B2B SaaS


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