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The world of business technology has changed how we sell and buy more in the last 10 years than the last 50 years. To compete and win today, professionals in tech will have to close the knowledge gap caused by the rise of B2B SaaS.

The world of B2B SaaS has changed how we buy and sell more in the last decade than the last 50 years.

B2B professionals must pivot away from conventional wisdom and own the development and growth of their core skill set to stay competitive and relevant.

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t sent the memo. I had to learn it myself. It’s why I started The B2B Report and it’s why I’m sharing this insight with you now.

So what changed?

Three things: Cloud, Customer Experience, and B2B Vendor Accountability

  • Cloud: The driving force behind the buyer and seller evolution started with the cloud race. Which AWS won and still dominates. Sparking a conversation on the death of on-premise (the verdict is still out on). The cloud powers the SaaS products you know, love and use.
  • Accountability: The cloud race gave way to technology products being offered as a monthly or annual subscription. This shift allowed buyers to expand their product offerings and get customized or tailored solutions that didn’t break the bank or lock them into 10-year maintenance contracts.

Subscription technology products, or SaaS, give buyers more options than ever before, not to mention the power to hold vendors accountable for a shitty experience or lack of value.

  • Experience (CX): Gone are the days you can overpromise to close a deal or keep a client’s business. Every interaction someone has with your brand impacts the likelihood they will do business with your company (and recommend to others). The customer experience, or CX, is the most important aspect of your business now. There’s good news too: it’s within your control.

The net result?

Cloud + CX + Accountability =

The birth of the Subscription Economy

(Shoutout to Zoura for coining the term)

Closing The Knowledge Gap

Today’s Tech Leader’s have the shortest path to go out and champion real change. B2B SaaS companies that plan Go-To-Market strategies around new age practices for Sales and CX will endure the long-term race to capture market share and keep it.

One of the best things you can do is to put yourself in a position to win by working at a company or for a leadership team that understands the nuances of operating a successful B2B SaaS.

Work with and for Leaders in Sales, Marketing and Customer Success who:

1) think laterally
2) practice servitude
3) invest in coaching
4) are willing to change to compete
5) lead from the trenches – they’ll get their hands dirty with you

Go work for and with people that execute and embody these 5 traits. It’s these fearless leader’s that will win the long game — not just in SaaS, but in life.

Take action or get left in the dust. Conventional wisdom is dead.

Continued B2B SaaS learning

If you’re in Sales or CX and made it this far….thank you for reading. Check out or consider reading these books to close your specific knowledge gap in B2B SaaS. All highly recommended by The B2B Report.

Bonus: Anything from the Winning by Design team.

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