The well executed B2C buyer experience, and meteoric rise of B2B product offerings (SaaS) happens to be the perfect storm fueling today’s obsession with the 'Customer Experience' (CX).

The delightful B2C buyer experience and explosive rise of B2B product offerings are two drivers fueling today’s obsession with the ‘Customer Experience‘ (CX).

Why CX?

The Customer Experience, or CX, is dominating the decision criteria of today’s technology buyers.

After all, it’s never been easier to replace a product or service with a solution of similar or equal value.

That’s why:

    • If you give the customer a reason to leave, they will.
    • Don’t give them a reason to stay and they’ll find a better experience at a better price point.

According to the team at Sales Hacker, over 700 new SaaS businesses launched in 2017 alone and in 2018 that number surged another 15% to 830 vendors.

Sales Technology Landscape, July 20172017 Sales Technology Landscape
~ 700 SaaS vendors
Sales Technology Landscape, May 2018
Sales Technology Landscape 2018
~ 830 SaaS Vendors

What this means to B2B sellers

It means even more options are available today and the ‘buyers market’ for B2B technology will only lean more in their favor.

It means clients will keep your Customer Success team accountable to the promises your Account Executive’s make.

This shift, alone, is quite the change from conventional vendor/end-user business engagements…

Worried you’ll lose? Don’t. Try this instead…

At this point, the future of who survives the next decade in B2B SaaS is mostly speculation.

To get a foothold on the trends and priorities influencing your next net-new deal or renewal sale, check out the awesome community from G2 Crowd.

  • Look up your company and your competitors.
  • Read the reviews and ratings.
  • Compare your brand against your competitors (features, comments, user preferences)

It’ll give you a great idea of how today’s B2B world is constantly moving more towards a B2C style of experience expectations.

For strong B2C CX think Netflix, Apple, Allbirds, Everlane, Mahabis et al.

The Main Takeaway for B2B Leaders?
You need world-class execution in one key area to WIN:

The B2B Customer Experience.

The key to long-term success in SaaS is Mastering CX.

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