B2B SaaS vs. Wall Street: The New Long Short

When Earnings become more important than the experience you deliver to your customer-base, you’ve failed.

B2B SaaS vs Wall Street Banks

When Earnings become more important than the experience you deliver to your customer base, you’ve failed.

B2B SaaS companies rarely benefit from going public when it comes down to the customer experience (CX).

Most B2B’s focus on solving long-term problems with agile innovation. Whereas, Wall Street is focused on shorter-term metrics and quarterly returns.  

All B2B companies are unique, but by far and large, it’s the acquisition of new logos (top-line growth) and the quarterly measuring stick Wall Street uses that steal the focus of executives and stifle short-term innovation.

IPO’s in tech can be a catch 22 for B2B SaaS companies. That’s why you see many companies suffer once they go public.

They get hyper-focused on the delivering strong earnings, that they lose sight of their long-term vision and mission — sometimes even the passion that once fueled them. More importantly, they forget to serve their employees and customers before they serve their shareholders. These are the same customers that helped them build their business to profitability.

This is one of the many reasons I love the idea of having a Long-Term Stock Exchange, which you can read more here

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