3 Actions SaaS Leaders Should Take to Stay Competitive

3 Actions every SaaS leader Should Take in 2019 (and yes, you should already be doing these)

Don't Let Churn Ruin your SaaS Company

There are 3 Actions every SaaS Leader can take to remain competitive, relevant and alive in B2B SaaS for years to come. 

Sadly, they won’t. However, there’s a minority that will. To those not tripping over their ego, or suffering from Funnel Vision, here’s 3 actions to take, all brought to you by th lessons I learned the hard way.

  1. Take care of your employees first. This is your #1 asset. Do this, and your people will take care of your clients in return.
  2. Deliver unparalleled user experiences. This is your #2 most important asset: customers.
  3. Hire Sales and Customer Success Team that HAVE or KNOW the business of the clients they are serving. 
    • Training all revenue and client facing roles in ‘sector’ knowledge

And there you go — it’s that straight forward.

If you want to win in B2B SaaS you need to have the right team, servant leadership, and product-led growth OR clear differentiation from the other players in your space. 

Remember Churn Hurts…

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