The success of servant leaders has propelled the movement of companies building brands and relationships to the forefront of the B2B SaaS World.

The success of servant leaders in today’s technology world has propelled the experience based movement of building engaging brands and companies to the forefront of the B2B SaaS world. 

B2B Sales and Technology continue to shape the world around us. 

  • Authenticity is in.
  • Servitude is more desirable in leadership than ever.
  • People are learning you don’t have to be an asshole to get ahead.
  • Consistency now the secret ingredient of world-class sales team’s

With changes in how people want to work and how they work, also comes changes to how they buy, sell and lead in their careers. 

New company cultures built around radical transparency are coveted. Companies with a customer-centric go-to-market strategy means Customer Success isn’t just a department but an entire operational mindset for every single employee.

The customer experience must delight, time-to-value for customers and prospects must improve.

Despite all this: humans are still being starved of meaningful interaction.

People want to buy from other people (mostly).

How to win in this ever-changing digital world? Serve others before yourself.

Be genuine, be authentic, and be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Because people often suck.

The ‘thing is they / you / me’ — we don’t have to. 99% of the time it’s because of Fear. Here’s what Fear does to every level of professional:

The I Don’t care enough Person:

By not caring what others think to the point we are intolerable to work with, or

The ‘You aren’t free at all’ Person:

By caring too much about what others think we lose the ability to make decisions and execute with confidence

As human-beings, remembering where we come from matters. Roots are important.

They help define the core values we choose to live by. Those core values help us establish our mindset or ‘human operating system’.

Do you have a scarcity mindset, or an abundance mindset?

Fear is not the key to getting the most from your employees, yet it still runs rampant in the Westernized business world. Will these companies adapt or die?

Millennials now outnumber all other age groups in today’s workforce — and eventually, they’ll make up the ranks of corporate America too.

These are the changes that will come with the changing of the generational ‘guard’.

Are you ready?

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