Some B2B’s will capture revenue and market share as they experience growth and scale over time (some).

Product-led growth is ideal but it’s not a deal breaker in B2B selling. Begging the question, if you don’t happen to have a product like Drift, Slack, Dropbox how can you compete. That’s a good question, this isn’t about that. It’s about what look out for in your in revenue efforts and spotting funnel vision in your company.

If you’re not familiar:

Funnel Vision is when a B2B SaaS Company has a culture, leader, or sales methodology where acquiring new logos is more valued than retaining and growing the clients you have.

Being laser focused is what some executives are known for. If you think your company is showing potential signs here’s a list to get you started:

Common traits of those affected by funnel vision are:

  • an obsession to relentlessly acquire new customers
  • an obsession to serve prospects more than to obsess over serving existing (paying) customers
  • little regard to the customer experience,
  • When leadership doesn’t consider clients to be the most important asset, second only to employees
  • Loose product-market fit, or comprising for short term gains
  • History of overpromising and underdelivering value

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