Are you in Sales? What about B2B Sales? Damn. If you are, you're at risk of contracting 'Funnel Vision' -- the worst Sales disease of modern-day business leaders. 

Are you in Sales? What about B2B Sales? If you are, you’re at risk of contracting ‘Funnel Vision’ — the worst Sales disease of impacting B2B revenues since the discovery of ‘touch-base-itis’.

What is Funnel Vision?

Funnel Vision is a new-age illness that affects thousands of Sales Leaders, Reps and Executives throughout the world of B2B SaaS.

Funnel vision refers to Sales inability to see past the top of the sales funnel for the greater good of their company’s growth.

It is believed to have been contracted during the tectonic shift and evolution of new sales methodologies and buyer behavior driven by the meteoric rise of Software as a Service, or SaaS. Simply put, funnel vision affects those still running an analog sales engine in a digital world. 

Written by Aaron Cowell on 11/15/18

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