You could have the most beautifully designed product...solving the most complex enterprise problems of today...but it won't matter if you don't deliver the appropriate customer experience (CX) based on providing value and desired outcomes.

The evolution of what it takes to keep winning in B2B SaaS reminds me a lot of this famous quote from Charles Darwin:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Go spend time climbing mountains or swimming with sharks. Observing nature is observing the longest long game in action – evolution and adaption of life. Same goes for B2B SaaS companies investing in CX.

Nature has always kept deep parallels to the business world, and it will always be better than most businesses at adapting, evolving and surviving.

It was recent –on a sunny windy fall day– at the beach in New England when one of those parallels hit me hard. I was on a walk with my wife when… I realized the following:

  • The sun‘s shining (value)…
  • The water’s blue (quality)…
  • And it’s COLD and windy (experience)…

What appeared to be a promising stroll on the beach turned into a windburn fueled freeze fest — the opposite of a delightful experience.

Questions that rushed to the forefront of mind:

-Was this what my customers feel like working with us and our product?

-What about other companies? Does this happen to them?

-Is CX like walking on a Cold Beach?

Because the value and the quality of the walk was based on the beautiful sunny beach, we assumed our experience would be delightful.

We didn’t pause and consider the unique variables of our situation and how those would affect the outcome we desired or the experience we’d have on the journey (or walk) to the value we sought.

Surely we could have recalled the seasons changing and lateness in the day. And we did.

We checked the weather and knew it was sunny outside. But we didn’t consider other factors like the wind chill or wind speed.

Same goes for AE’s and CSM’s in B2B SaaS today. Proper expectations must be set, and then reaffirmed early and often throughout the Lifecycle with each other and with your prospects and customers.

In my example of a cold walk on the beach, my ‘CX’ was assumed, which herein lies the problem many B2B SaaS companies have today with their CX motion:

a) Account Executives (New Sales) and Customer Success aren’t aligned

b) Account Management (Renewal Sales) and Customer Success aren’t aligned

c) No process to ensure expectations and target outcomes are known and aligned on across all parties internally and externally.

What does all this mean?

It means that you could have the most beautifully designed product…solving the most complex enterprise problems of today…but it won’t matter if you don’t deliver an appropriate customer experience based on providing value and desired outcomes.

To keep winning in B2B SaaS, you must do one thing better than any other company:


Because nobody likes the feeling of walking on a cold beach.


1. Don’t let your customer’s experience feel like their taking a long walk on a cold beach just to USE your product.

2. Companies that INVEST IN CX today, are and will become the companies of tomorrow.

3. Recurring revenue is one of the most overlooked and effective growth strategies of ALL TIME (yeah I said it)

4. Churn hurts…but it doesn’t have to

Written by Aaron Cowell on 11/10/18

Additional resources:

If you love business and nature, like I do, check out this article by Harvard Business Review published in 2016 about the parallels of business and nature here.

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