The Underdog of B2B SaaS

There’s one critically important asset all SaaS companies have — existing customers.

It’s how you manage the subscription lifecycle and experience of your paying customers that allows brands to truly differentiate themselves in today’s market.

In the competitive world of technology sales, you cannot afford to overlook the customer experience and the impact it has on revenue any longer.

Having a Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) process in place can make the difference between churning millions in lost revenue or expanding millions in growth revenue.

What is Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

So what is “CLM”?

CLM is a process and methodology used for the renewal sales motion of SaaS companies selling business-to-business (B2B) solutions.

It’s a strategic focus for optimizing your revenue function and bottom line growth.

CLM includes everything from recurring revenue KPI’s, client success teams and retention of ALL customers with a contract subscription. SaaS solutions, in B2B, are usually offered as monthly (MRR) or annual (ARR) subscriptions.

Completely customer-centric, the CLM process is used to:

  • improve the user experience by establishing a cadence, or touch-point schedule,
  • to strategically add value and drive adoption at the right stage with the right customer and right stakeholders.
  • encourages value realization naturally and really forges true relationships and partnerships
  • designed to ensure the desired outcomes of your customers is the #1 priority
  • maintain, grow, and expand annual recurring revenue

How will you differentiate your product, service, and company in your market?

Actions for Today:

  1. Double down on how you execute and deliver a delightful customer experience immediately – even if it costs some money up front.
    • It will pay dividends that compound forever.
  2. Repeat the first step until complete.
    • Then, watch as your competitors that don’t, go belly up from ego, ignorance, pissed off clients, and a brand that’s too damaged to recover from.

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Go make one.

When you do, I would love to hear or help. You can contact me directly on LinkedIn here.

Written by Aaron Cowell